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Progressive Report: Democrats lose their Weiner……..!

Published on June 17, 2011 By J T

Anthony Weiner pulled the plug on his congressional career Thursday afternoon after a bizarre sexting scandal short-circuited his chances of remaining in office. The 47 year old Congressman held a Press conference which was truly surreal to make his announcement. In keeping with the raucous nature of this tabloid scandal, one person shouted “Pervert!” as […]

When is a war not a war?….when it’s a Kinetic Military Action!

Published on March 28, 2011 By J T

What is the deal with all of these over the top politically correct phrases? Is stating that we’re at war too much of an embarrassment for the kinder and gentler Obama administration? Is the President of the United States so insecure that he is afraid to use the term for fear of political repercussions? What […]