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TopTen Most Annoying Newscasters……..

Published on April 22, 2011 By J T

Where are the Cronkites of yesteryear?  I am a pretty big “news junkie” and so I flip among many channels to get my daily fix. With the proliferation of cable news and network news the airwaves are often overrun with newscasters each putting their own spin and flavor to their reporting. I was thinking back […]

Progressive Wednesdays…Plankers, Hugo Chavez, Media Matters, etc., etc…..

Published on March 30, 2011 By J T

Our latest check on the Progressive Movement shows Socialism in full bloom this week: Plankers In Scandinavia it appears that a group of subway riders have decided that everyone should be entitled to free public transportation. The movement started by Petter Titland and called Planka is a cooperative formed by riders who refuse to buy […]