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Flukes, Flakes, Sluts, the War on Women…..and the Price of Gas

Published on March 17, 2012 By J T

This whole uproar about Sandra Fluke, contraception, Rush Limbaugh and the like has really highlighted the hypocrisy on the left regarding today’s political, cultural and legislative environment. Let’s consider the Sandra Fluke controversy, a mindless political exercise if there ever was one.  I may be missing something here but perhaps some of you can set […]

Nannies, Domestic Workers, Employees, Interns..…men and their infidelities!

Published on June 13, 2011 By J T

What makes those who are powerful and famous, wealthy and privileged, go after those hired to serve them? What is behind the appeal of seducing an employee, specifically one who works in your home?  How about a co-worker or an intern. Here are a few explanations: “Mothers who outsource the care of their sons to […]

Progressive Wednesdays…Osama, Obama, Abbottabad, Gitmo and Steven Harper….

Published on May 4, 2011 By J T

Progressives this week were frothing at the mouth regarding the raid into Abbottabad Pakistan which killed Osama Bin Laden. In reading most Progressive web sites and blogs the congratulatory chatter was unrelenting. What stood out however was that it was more about George Bush not getting the job done as opposed to Obama succeeding. One […]