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Obama….bewitched, bothered and bewildered?

Published on March 23, 2011 By J T

Can anyone figure out what our position on Libya is?  President Obama has stated on several occasions in the past few days that Gaddafi must go….but that’s not really why were attacking Libya.  I’ve been watching and scratching my head as our President and his administration are lamely trying to manage and justify this confused […]

Libyan No Fly Zone….DEET, Fly Swatters and Tomahawk Missiles

Published on March 21, 2011 By J T

Having learned form the egregious errors of the past the Obama Administration has demonstrated this past week-end how to launch a “politically correct” attack on a foreign country. This current exercise allows the United States to stay in the background and our coalition partners to take the lead, with the U.S. intending to hand over […]