North Korea Launches ICBM…..while Obama whispers sweet nothings to Russia and plays “delay defense”!

If you’d like to know where US foreign policy is headed if Obama is re-elected you need look further than the events of the past few weeks. With the launch of an inter-continental ballistic the lunatic North Korean regime has basically told Barack The Pretender  what he can do with his policy of….. “we’ll give you food if you play nice”.

North Korean launch

Who needs American food anyway...I can't stand it!

Why would we expect anything else given that Obama has decided to cave completely to the Russians on missile defense?  Obama’s recent groveling before Dimitri Medvedev in Seoul last month was a total foreign policy embarrassment and pretty much a signal to any outlaw regime that this administration is now in full campaign mode and will appease everyone to keep them quiet until the election.

Obama and Medvedev egos

Can Vladimir stop a speeding locomotive?

No one of course would have known about this capitulation on missile defense except for a whispered conversation between Obama and Medvedev caught on an open mike.  In this little  “tete a tete”, our commander in chief tells President Medvedev that:  “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space” This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” To which Medvedev responds: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Really Mr. President? Have you told anyone in this country about your intentions?

Play Misty for me

Ask Vladimir to play "Misty" for me..("Look at me I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree....")

You don’t have to be a Kim Il Sung or Kim Jung Il to get the drift of Obama’s comment.  Even the inexperienced Kim Jung Un got it and I can guarantee that the Iranians are not far behind.  So now we can expect a nuclear test from the North Koreans with the Iranians charging ahead to build a nuclear weapon and delivery system.  “This President, as was so aptly put by Jackson Diehl in the Washington Post will continue with his –delay defense– and do nothing until after the election.”

I get the sense that the President believes that rockets and missiles are just a bunch of unnecessary fireworks, cost too much, and not needed as long as we have “The Great Negotiator” in charge.  After all, didn’t he reset relations with Russia, talk the Iranians into behaving reasonably, get the French and Germans to like us again and of course give rise to the Arab Spring with his town hall meeting in Cairo?

Obama transcends us all

And there shall be no more wars!

By the way, does everyone realize that the only way to put an American Astronaut into space these days is on a Russian vehicle!  Perhaps we will soon have the option of using a North Korean or Iranian booster rocket. Talk about the ultimate in outsourcing.

Where is the outrage?  A President who is willing to fund Solyndra and a high speed “rail link” in the middle of nowhere, has totally gutted the US Space Program.

End of Manned Space Program

I sure hope Obama can rent a space vehicle to get us out of here

In his estimated $800 billion stimulus package the President couldn’t find $3 billion to continue with  manned space flight while spending 100’s of billions on “non shovel-ready” projects.  The NASA manned space program, a shining example of American ingenuity and exceptionalism (which employed thousands and supported hundreds of communities) is now dead in the water.

Instead, with missiles being launched and nuclear weapons being built by rogue regimes,  our great leader rambles on about the economic benefits of the idiotic “Buffet Rule” which at best will generate revenues of $4 billion per year against our $ 16 trillion debt.  Is this man clueless or what?

Buffett Rule

Barack....Changes in Latitudes, Changes in not about taxing millionaires!

Jimmy, I hope there is room for all of us in Margaritaville if this inept bungler is re-elected!

Let’s not forget:

With 204 days left until Barack The Pretender gets voted out of office

US National Debt stands at: $15.7 trillion

Jobless rate stands at: 15.2 million people

The price of gas is: $3.92  for a gallon of Regular


And that’s the way it is here: a little left of right


test 1

Obama, Christopher Columbus , The Flat Earth Society……and green jobs for everyone!

President Obama has been on a mission lately to resurrect his sinking poll numbers battered by the spiraling price of gasoline. He’s been crisscrossing the country on a speaking tour to tout his accomplishments in alternative energy development while deploring Republican desires to increase domestic oil production.

In his current speeches he ridicules Republicans, for their stand on expanding oil drilling (“old energy”) in lieu of new sources such as wind power, solar and algae among others. He compares Republican of thinking to “The Flat Earth Society” an organization which in Columbus’ day believed that the earth was flat and that Columbus would eventually fall off the edge.

Flat or Round

Flat or round...we're all Americans

In his narrative, Obama puts himself forth as the brave Christopher Columbus on the Santa Maria, followed by David Axelrod on the Pinta and David Plouffe on the Nina forging bravely ahead into the unknown seeking to prove the alternative energy naysayers wrong.

Christopher-Columbus least all of my explorations were privately funded

Wind and solar power are technologies that have been around for decades or longer. In fact Columbus crossed the Atlantic using wind power! Had these been truly transformative technologies the private sector would have pounced on them long ago. Unfortunately, the US power grid is so vast that at best these alternatives will only have a minor impact in the near future if at all.  

pilot car

Are electric cars are only meant to be driven downhill?

But our President has staked his reputation on green energy and green jobs even at a cost of $5 million per job. Never mind a few inconvenient facts:

Old energy works. New energy has yet to be proven commercially

Oil exploration, extraction, transmission, refining is a proven job generator

What’s wrong with drilling for oil while we explore other alternatives?


And what the Republicans won't tell you is that we've actually created 12 green jobs here!

That’s why during his recent speech at the Copper Mountain Solar 1 facility (with a backdrop of 400 acres of solar panels) the President failed to mention that the solar company only had 12 full time employees.

This is the type or reasoning that “Barack the Explorer” doesn’t like to consider. Since he’s beholden to the left wing environmental groups, he forges ahead investing massive public funds into untested, un-vetted, alternative energy  companies that appeal to his political base.

Solyndra, Beacon Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, Ener1,…….all failed testaments to his legacy as a Venture Socialist.  Let’s not leave out the latest potential flop, the Chevrolet Volt (unveiled by Obama to much fanfare) which has suddenly developed the inconvenient habit of setting itself on fire.

volt on fire

Just burning off all that excess green energy we've created

Of course the fallback answer from our illustrious leader is always:  “America consumes 20% of the world’s oil but only has 2% (20 billion barrels) of the world’s reserves…. so we have to do something bold and innovative.”  The President knows that this is truly a misleading statistic.  US reserves have been at 20 billion barrels since the 1930’s yet since that time we’ve produced 170 billion barrels of oil.

The President is also well aware that the 2% figure refers to proven reserves not actual recoverable oil.  Experts in the field point to about a trillion barrels of recoverable oil available in the US. The shale deposits in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado alone exceed the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.


Mr. President, this type of campaign strategy is doomed to fail. No one is buying your story. Gasoline prices will continue to rise because your energy investments are driven by politics, not by economics. Ultimately your Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria will fall off the energy edge just as the “Flat Earth Society” predicted.

However, here’s an idea for you:

In the spirit of bi-partisanship, hope and change I will propose an idea to the President that will transform him into a true energy revolutionary, create millions of green jobs and guarantee his re-election.  It will be called OPEGA; The Obama Personal Energy Generation Act  and will work as follows:

Introducing OPEGA

The OPEGA program will be the greatest green job creator in the history of this country!

Solyndra, and all other US solar panel manufacturers will be put back in business with massive government subsidies. They will redesign and produce, in large quantities, a smaller solar panel that can be comfortably worn on a person’s back…much like a digital billboard.

Ener1, and all other storage battery manufacturers will also be turned around with government help to develop a super storage battery which can be worn around a person’s waist.

A Personal Energy Kit (PEK) will be produced to combine a solar panel, a backpack type of harness and a battery pack worn around the waist. The kit will be inter-connected so that the electricity generated by the panel is stored in the battery.

Walking billboards

I've got the power!

When the battery is fully charged the user will simply go to a Government Owned Discharge (GOD) station and upload the stored electricity into the power grid. An immediate “power payment” will be issued and deposited directly into the user’s checking account.


Wow! I just made 100 bucks for being in the sun.

Every unemployed person will be eligible to get a PEK when they apply for unemployment benefits.

And that’s all there is to it!  Pure green energy. Millions of unemployed put back to work (lowering that pesky unemployment rate).  Can there be a better job?  Fresh air, sunlight, walking around with the sun on your back or simply hanging out. For those a bit more ambitious, the solar panels can serve as digital billboards when the sun sets at which point advertisers will pick up the cost.

Imagine how much power could be generated just by issuing PEK’s to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

I propose that Al Gore and Joe Biden be the poster boys for this campaign by having them wear PEK’s anytime they’re outdoors and beanies with propellers so we don’t forget about wind power!


Al and can have any color beanie you want

There you have it Mr. President! A bold,  innovative, approach to energy that will surely rank you among the presidential greats and far exceed the accomplishments of FDR and Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s not forget:

With 226 days left until Barack The Pretender gets voted out of office

US National Debt stands at: $15.6 trillion

Unemployment stands at: 15.2 million people

The price of gas is: $3.89  for a gallon of Regular


And that’s the way it is here: a little left of right



Flukes, Flakes, Sluts, the War on Women…..and the Price of Gas

This whole uproar about Sandra Fluke, contraception, Rush Limbaugh and the like has really highlighted the hypocrisy on the left regarding today’s political, cultural and legislative environment.

Let’s consider the Sandra Fluke controversy, a mindless political exercise if there ever was one.  I may be missing something here but perhaps some of you can set me straight. Here is my understanding of the events.

Item 1

Sandra Fluke a third year law student at Georgetown University testifies before a Congressional Committee. Fluke an utter nobody was substituted by Democrats in a last-minute witness-switch to testify about contraception at a hearing on “religious liberty.”

Sandra Fluke can't afford contraception

Item 2

The Oversight and Government Reform Committee declined to accept this 11th-hour witness on the grounds that Fluke did not have appropriate credentials for any congressional hearing, much less one on “religious liberty”.

Item 3

Not to be outdone, Nancy Pelosi, Democratic conscience and winemaker uses an even less appropriate committee to ensure that Fluke’s “voice” would be heard — the Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee, the normal function of which is to give House Democrats committee assignments. One longtime Democratic operative admitted privately that Fluke was the least-qualified witness ever to appear before a congressional committee.

Nancy Pelosi and Sandra Fluke

No one paid for my face lift!

Item 4

Fluke states in her testimony that in order for her to have sex for three years while she was at law school she would need to spend over $3,000. In other words, Sandra would have to work all summer to pay for her right to have sex!

Fluke requests full coverage

Item 5

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host, calls Ms Fluke a “slut” for wanting to be paid for having sex. Granted, a boorish comment but it pales in comparison to the misogynistic rants against women (only conservative women mind you) by entertainer Bill Maher.

Bill Maher on Sandra Fluke

They refuse to pay for my Viagra!

Item 6

The Liberal media goes nuts and proclaims this a “Republican War Against Women” It’s a bit hard to understand the outrage given liberal womens’ constant talk about their vaginas and their continued world-wide promotion of “Slut Walks

slut walk dallas

Is that Sandra Fluke in the back?

Item 7

A light bulb goes off in President Obama’s head: “what a great idea!…. “A Republican War on Women” let’s run with that.


At least I can blame the Republicans

Item 8

Barack The Pretender immediately calls Ms Fluke and extends his sympathy and support for her courageous stand.

Obama Phone Call

Sandra…you realize that every time you take a pill….they make money!

Item 9

Women’s groups attack the Limbaugh show and its sponsors causing certain sponsors to withdraw from the show. Limbaugh apologizes to Ms Fluke who immediately appears on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and The View and rejects his apology. Bill Maher on the other hand, accepts it!

Barbara Walters and Sandra Fluke

Baba Wawa: “Sandra if I had to pay for all of my contraception I’d be broke by now”

Item 10

And of course, Gloria Allred wants Rush Limbaugh to be prosecuted for his controversial comments and sends a letter to the Palm Beach County (where Limbaugh is based) State’s Attorney demanding action.

gloria allred

Hmmm…I wonder who Limbaugh’s housekeeper is?

So there you have it : an example of the Republican War on Women!

Does anyone remember David Letterman calling Sarah Palin “a slutty stewardess look alike”? Evidently not Michelle Obama …….because she’s scheduled to appear on the Letterman show next week.

As it turns out,  Fluke the Flake… the brilliant Johnson County child support attorney that she is, did not remember some of her Facebook postings.  So while she was pleading poverty and not being able to afford $1000 annual contraception costs (actually about $120 per year at Wal-Mart), photos of her and a male companion jet setting to Madrid, Barcelona and Venice popped up all over the internet.

Fluke in Venice

Here’s what I did with my savings!

I‘ve been watching recent clips of the President campaigning and blaming Big Oil for rising gas prices with the ridiculous sound bite….“every time you fill your gas tank—they make money!”  Duh..perhaps because they pump, transport and refine the oil into gasoline?

Given that Big Pharma profits are much higher than Big Oil, I presume the President must have told Ms Fluke when he called her: “remember Sandra, every time you take one of those pills—they make money!”

Let’s not forget:

With 234 days left until Barack The Pretender gets voted out of office

US National Debt stands at: $15.5 trillion

Unemployment stands at: 15.2 million people

The price of gas is: $3.83  for a gallon of Regular

And that’s the way it is here: a little left of right!