Dominique Strauss-Kahn…First Class Tickets and $3000 Penthouse Suites…but he’s a Socialist!

I was trying to figure out what the big progressive story was this week when along comes Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the IMF and “allegedly” assaults a West African hotel housekeeping worker in his penthouse suite.. Now that on its own wouldn’t be much of a story as “primitive and powerful” men, as Maureen Dowd calls them in her column, have been doing this forever.  However, Strauss-Kahn is head of a high profile and powerful world-wide organization to help poor developing countries and the likely socialist challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidency of France.


French socialists led by rock star leftist philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy are outraged at the treatment of Strauss-Kahn at the hands of the NYC police and the U.S. legal system.  European aristocracy tend to practice the “do as we say not do as we do” but we didn’t think that this applied to the socialist nobility and especially an avowed socialist like Strauss-Kahn. Talk about “exploitation of the working class”.


These Americans always take things to the extreme

The most interesting aspect of this story for me was how it was portrayed by the liberal left media. Maureen Dowd in a New York Times OpEd piece called him- “a wrinkly old satyr charging naked out of the bathroom”- but made sure her opinion piece also mentioned the names of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Paul Wolfowitz, other perpetrators of sexual malfeasance—you know,  conservatives are just as guilty.

The Daily Kos, that citadel of liberal left opinion had not a word to say about l’affaire Strauss-Kahn, but interestingly enough just yesterday ran a piece, a rather lengthy essay in fact, on rape, titled: The miniskirt made him do it” in which the author describes how men tend to justify sexual assault and rape based on provocative dress and behavior of women.  While it didn’t specifically address the Strauss-Kahn incident, the peculiar timing of the article made it appear highly unlikely to be a coincidence.  Consider the third paragraph which poses the following questionable premise:

“This type of thinking is more popular amongst certain political persuasions than others, depending, of course, on what they think of women. Sadly, while conservative men are more likely to possess this view, it crosses all social classes and political affiliations, indicating that it is an attractive option for all sorts of men.”

So I suppose that the Sofitel Hotel dresses all of their housekeeping workers in tight miniskirts and halter tops, otherwise how else could you explain Strauss-Kahn’s behavior. President Bill Clinton for that matter didn’t need any rationale at all.


Housekeeping! May we clean your room sir?

Think Progress the progressive web site which aggressively and daily attacks any alleged Republican sexual misdeeds, couldn’t quite get itself to opine on what it thought of Strauss-Kahn’s actions.  Instead in the only post to date about this story, it attacked Ben Stein who had dared to question, in a semi moronic article, the veracity of the chambermaid’s story.  They failed to mention a similar challenge by leftist intellectual Bernard Henri Levy who stated he is outraged at the portrayal of Strauss-Kahn as an “insatiable and malevolent beast.”

Kahn in hadcuffs

Lest we forget, Mr. Levy also wrote a salute to Roman Polanski, the rapist of a 13 year old child, in the Huffington Post praising Polanski “The Man not the Artist”.  Ben  Stein of course was a Conservative economic guru and former Nixon and Ford speechwriter…a fact which Think Progress didn’t hesitate to point out.

Media Matters which regularly demonstrates that media doesn’t matter unless its Fox News, did not have a word to say on the subject which arguably was the lead media story of the week.  Instead, it led with a shocking story titled: Fox’s “Straight News” Anchor Martha MacCallum Regularly Advocates GOP Positions.

The Economist in a blog titled: “It makes you want to join the Tea party states:  “LEAVE aside the details of the allegations against Dominique Strauss Kahn, the head of the IMF (his lawyer indicates he will plead not guilty). Just note that the New York Times states that he was staying in a $3,000 a night suite and was taking a first class flight to Paris. This is the IMF, the body that imposes austerity on indebted countries and is funded by global taxpayers. And this was the likely leading socialist candidate for the French presidency.”

IMF world Bank

I remember when The World Bank booted Paul Wolfowitz (an American conservati­ve) over a consensual affair with a staffer, yet the IMF has remained silent while Strauss-Ka­hn (a European socialist) sits accused of rape.

Do World Bank and IMF have vastly different internal bylaws and ethics, or was Paul Wolfowitz punished for being Bush’s nominee, while Dominique Strauss-Kahn — being of Socialist persuasion — got preferential treatment despite a known history of chasing skirts (sometimes even without the wearer’s consent).

The Blog Vox Popoli put it best when it summarized the story:  ” One wonders about the wisdom of centralizing the global financial system and turning it over to an idiot who is dumb enough to not only rape an African immigrant but an African immigrant who may have HIV or AIDS.  Now that would truly make for poetic justice.”

And that’s the way it is here:  “a little left of right”



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