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I recently read a book review about left wing media darling Julian Assange. Written by Daniel Domscheit-Berg with Tina Klopp and translated from the German by Jefferson Chase, the book “My time With Julian Assange at the World’s most Dangerous Web Site” reveals some interesting insights into Assange and his WikiLeaks organization.

According to the reviewer Jeffery Rosen, Domschelt-Berg was a German open-source activist and network security designer and met Assange in Berlin in 2007 and soon became his closest colleague in the small WikiLeaks group. We are all aware of the meteoric rise of Assange the computer hacker from Australia, who took “whistle blowing” to new heights ultimately becoming the runner up to TIME magazine Person of the Year 2010.

Person of the Year

There were always several things that bothered me about Julian Assange, not the least of which was the total secrecy he kept about his own affairs and that of WikiLeaks while trumpeting his vision of an ‘open and transparent world society”.

I for one, would have been much more impressed had he also leaked classified information from regimes such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran in the same torrential flow that he used to divulge hundreds of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and other confidential data. But I suppose taking on some of the world’s most secretive regimes would have ended with a bullet to the head while exposing U.S. secrets landed him on talk shows.


julian bond villain

Is he actually Ernst Stavro Blofeld?


With thousands of so called anarchists and supporters of his cause spread throughout the world, using secretive computer “mirror” servers to distribute his leaked messages, Mr. Assange claims to spearhead a worldwide movement “aimed at nothing less than the decline and fall of oppression by organized exposure of its secrets”. A very noble thought indeed, although it’s hard to discern the nobility in the actions from his main sourceBradAss87 the computer handle of a disenchanted US soldier who apparently had access to huge amounts of classified U.S. information.

Although he began as an idealistic supporter of WikiLeaks whistle blowing mission, Domscheit-Berg left the organization because he was dismayed by Assange’s paranoid resistance to transparency, lack of political neutrality  and addiction to concentrating power in his own hands—anti-democratic vices that WikiLeaks was founded to oppose.

Domscheit-Berg was also concerned that all of WikiLeaks’ major publications in 2010 were aimed at its “only enemy,” the United States—mostly because focusing on a less visible adversary wouldn’t have gotten Assange on the “nightly news.” It appears that Assange was more interested in attracting women and publicity than in making careful determinations about newsworthiness.

Julian Assange

Assange has meticulously cultivated his image so that he appears as the poster boy for most left wing (or should I say Progressive) anti-American causes. He has carefully crafted that “tortured soul” look like a character out of a Dostoevsky novel. With his pallid complexion and hairstyle he reminds one of David Bowie (if he were playing Raskolnikov) and apparently has a number of women in a hormonal twist  despite being accused of committing sexual crimes against two Swedish women.  And according to one of Assange’s accusers, his position as an enigmatic, globe-trotting whistleblower affords him a level of attention from women usually reserved for rock bands and professional athletes.

Brian Alexander of MSNBC writes in an article that a Facebook group calling itself Feminists for Free Speech has launched a defense of Assange. Glamorous babes (Jemima Khan, Bianca Jagger), political babes (Naomi Wolf and Arianna Huffington), and a host of enthralled female followers (the woman protesting outside the English court with a sign saying “Julian, I want your babies”) all seem to be hot for Julian. The popular women’s blog Jezebel acknowledged the fascination over his looks with a video showing the mighty morphing of his hair. The “Julian Fanciers Guild” declared that the elevation of Assange to “Justin Bieber status is complete.”

While Assange was in Sweden last August seeking help in hosting his secret-sharing website’s servers. he met two women who would later accuse him of “rape and molestation”. The rape charge was quickly dropped, but an investigation continues into the molestation/sexual harassment charge. Creep or not, it appears Julian Assange has that of which few nerds even dare to dream: Swedish groupies. Women go wild for radical transparency.

julian assangeSince one good turn deserves another it seems that someone leaked the testimony of the two women accusers prior to his upcoming trial. I find this leak fascinating as it gives us a much different view of  Mr. Assange.  Granted this has yet to be proven in court but according to the testimony of the two women “victims”,  Mr. Assange has a particular penchant for unprotected sex.  In fact, when one of the women refused to have unprotected sex with him, he apparently tore the condom he ultimately put on, in a fit of pique, prior to engaging in sexual relations.  The other woman victim claims she woke up while Mr. Assange (unprotected) was in the process of forcing himself upon her.

As a former marketer and someone who instinctively seeks to fill an unmet consumer demand (particularly with all this free publicity), it occurred to me that there may be many other men who are fond of this type of  “fetish”.


Dicky Leaks Condom

Stay tuned for release of new version

Since there already exists a condom named after Mr. Assange, my thought is to propose a novel variation to the product.  It would be produced in a perforated version so that users wouldn’t have to tear the condom in advance;  an easy way to establish more leaks from Assange followers.


So in summation I cannot think of a better way to end this post than from a quote in Anorak News: “And on it goes. And the more it goes on, the more Assange loses his cool of an international man of mystery and begins to look like a normal techie with a website and a hard on…”


And that’s the way it is here:  “a little left of right”


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