Pimping For Obama…Harry Reid, Bill Burton and other great Americans

The awards this week must unquestionably go to Senator Harry Reid and Bill Burton, head of Super Pac Priorities USA, two courageous Americans who at significant personal risk supported our Pretender in Chief in achieving lows rarely seen in American politics. But why not, after all they are Obama people, and evidently love being lap dogs for this transformational politician who brought us change, hope, fair play and the ability to rise out of the gutter.

Let’s take a look a Senator Harry Reid, the pathetic grey little man who is the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.   This pillar of virtue stood on the Senate floor and boldly floated a rumor that “the word is out: Governor Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years”. Who is the source of this information?  Someone from Bain Capital is all that Mr. Reid would say. When pressed further he simply stated that Mr. Romney could put an end to all these stories by simply releasing ten years of his tax returns.

harry reid great American

If we lose the Senate I’ll be reduced to a sad grey little man!

It is interesting to note that Mr. Reid has never released any tax returns of his own and he made sure that his accusations were made on the floor of the Senate, one of the few venues where you can’t be sued for libel or slander. As if on cue,  Botox Queen Nancy Pelosi chimed in several days later stating “well if Harry said someone told him then it must be true”

pelosi on botox

I’m just wild about Harry

I have just become aware of a recent rumor that has been sweeping the internet. It appears that Harry Reid is a notorious cross dresser and has been wearing women’s underwear for the past ten years.  Mr. Reid is apparently very partial to Victoria’s Secret and certain select undergarments in bright red. Unsubstantiated you say?  Well the story is certainly out there but Senator Reid can quickly put an end to these rumors. Harry, just drop your pants!  

cross dress

Excuse me I’m on my lunch break!


This brings us to the pond slime spawned Mr. Burton.  A former Obama White House Deputy Press Secretary (aren’t they all) Burton now runs the Super Pac Priorities USA. This group  has put out a political attack ad, most likely the most disgusting, repulsive, dishonest, blatantly misleading, and sleazy piece of work ever created by any political party.  It essentially holds Mitt Romney responsible for the cancer death a steelworker’s (Joe Soptic) wife following the closing of GS Steel a company owned by Bain Capital.

There is no point in going into specifics here as everyone is aware of the story which has proven to be totally fabricated and false.  But it was interesting to watch Mr. Burton with his ever present dim-witted look deny on CNN that the ad was meant to paint Romney as someone whose policies were responsible for the death of this woman. “We would never infer anything like that” said the man whose IQ ranks right up there with White House Communications director Dan Pfeiffer (he of the recent “what bust of Churchill” fame).  Really?  Well what was the point of the ad Bill?

Bill Burton

Am I really as dumb as I look?

Burton went on to say to theHuffington Post” “The truth is, there are a lot of sad stories that came as a result of what happened when Mitt Romney was in business,” Burton said. “I don’t think those stories should be off limits because they’re particularly heartbreaking.”

“Our spots have been factual and well within the bounds of what we think is appropriate,” Burton continued.

But no media organization is talking about Mitt Romney. No one is even talking about the ad’s subject, Joe Soptic — save for the holes in his story and his links to the Obama campaign. What every media organization is talking about is precisely how out of bounds this ad was, how factually inaccurate it is and how it reveals links between the Obama campaign and it’s supporting PACs which are forbidden by law.

So who’s the slimiest of them all? It’s a tough choice; Reid the Senate fool, Burton the moron, Axelrod the hypocrite, the mainstream media for their handling of this….My vote goes to the Community Organizer in Chief, who has yet to even criticize the ad. He of “we can rise above partisan politics” is busy on a speaking tour blasting Republican Super Pacs.

Obama tough

Those dirty rats! Keep the pressure on them

Rise above the slime Barack and maybe the rest of the pond scum will follow.

Let’s not forget:

With 86 days left until Barack The Pretender gets voted out of office

US National Debt stands at: $15.9 trillion

Unemployment stands at: 15.2 million people

And that’s the way it is here: a little left of right


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