No More Chicken For you…..Let Them Eat Cake!

The current Chick-fil-A controversy is a perfect example of our political system gone totally insane. I can only imagine that if the Romans had been selling fast food chicken during the dying days of their Empire, the same type of discourse might have taken place.

Consider for a moment a successful businessman of the Christian faith, founder and owner of the Chick-fil-A franchise, voices some personal views (views which are supported by a significant portion of the population). As a result of his comments, the mayors of four major metropolitan areas threaten to ban his business.

menino CFA

We’re going to throw all your chicken into Boston Harbor!


What did he actually say? In so many words: “I don’t believe in the concept of same sex marriage”.  Not exactly a thunderbolt from the heavens (no pun intended). Yet the mayors of Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco stated that Chick-fil-A is not welcome to conduct business in their cities.



What do I know about same sex marriage? I’m just a chicken!


Do these guys not have more important things to do?  Last I heard Chicago had a murder rate approaching that of Afghanistan and the DC mayor is currently vying for the title of having the most corrupt and scandal ridden administration in recent history.  The less we say about Boston and San Francisco the better.


CFA logo

Tell you what! If you use this as the Chick-fil-A logo I’ll let you stay in Chicago


The last time I was in a Chick-fil-A  establishment, it was clean, well run, had good food and friendly employees.  No one asked me if I supported same sex marriage prior to taking my order.  I wonder if the hypocritical mayors and their sycophantic special interest supporters typically ask this question before they let a surgeon operate on them or an expert mechanic repair their car.



No Chick-fil-A in San Francisco…oh wait that’s the Twitter Logo!

As far as I know:

  1. The concept of “Free Enterprise” gives a company the right to conduct business anywhere it wants regardless of the personal beliefs of its owner—so long as it conforms to all federal and local laws.
  2. A consumer has the right to patronize any establishment he likes and if he doesn’t believe in the owners personal philosophy, he can boycott that business and even encourage others to do so.
  3. Elected officials however, have no right to determine who can and cannot do business in their jurisdictions based on the personal beliefs of the owners- as long as the business is in conformance with all laws.

So Mayors Emmanuel, Menino, Gray and Lee, with all due respect… SHUT THE F*** UP!   This shameless political pandering to specific constituencies is disgusting.


Hate chicken DC

In Washington DC we call this “the Chicken of Hate”


Under the culture and climate fostered by the current administration the inevitable dismantling of free enterprise system has begun.

  1. You didn’t build this business alone—someone helped you.
  2. If you own the business your personal philosophy better be in line with that of the government.
  3. Oh what the hell!  Wouldn’t it just be easier for the government to take over the business and solve the entire issue?   Mayor Michael Dumberg of NY has already started down this path by telling us all what we can sell/purchase to eat and drink.

banned in NYC

It takes a lot of manpower to police sugar, salt and transfat…but its worth it!


President Obama, please show us it isn’t so! This is such a teachable moment. Why not have another beer summit in the White house garden catered by Chick-fil-A. It would go a long way in restoring your credibility with small business.

Let’s not forget:

With 100 days left until Barack The Pretender gets voted out of office

US National Debt stands at: $15.9 trillion

Unemployment stands at: 15.2 million people

And that’s the way it is here: a little left of right


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