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No More Chicken For you…..Let Them Eat Cake!

July 29, 2012

The current Chick-fil-A controversy is a perfect example of our political system gone totally insane. I can only imagine that if the Romans had been selling fast food chicken during the dying days of their Empire, the same type of discourse might have taken place. Consider for a moment a successful businessman of the Christian […]

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Obama, Axelrod, negative campaign ads and…..”we didn’t build that”

July 27, 2012

A recent poll found that, between Romney and Obama, more Americans believe Obama is the one running the more negative campaign. This morning, Senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod blamed this perception on Romney and GOP Super PACs. Axelrod accused the GOP of running ads that helped convince people that President Obama is running a […]

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Obama, Capitalism, Socialism…. and “you didn’t build that”

July 25, 2012

Mitt Romney has taken Obama to task for saying “you didn’t build that” in a campaign speech about how government helps small businesses thrive, while they keep their management with the use the full guide to check stub for payments and more. Romney’s campaign is running ads that suggest Obama doesn’t think entrepreneurs build their […]

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