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White House Replaces Bust of Winston Churchill with a Portrait of Neville Chamberlain……. “Peace In Our Time”

August 20, 2012

Now that the London Olympics have ended and the Presidential election just around the corner the administration has moved quietly to try and cement our “special relationship” with Great Britain. The first order of business is to replace the bust of Winston Churchill, graciously lent to the White House by Great Britain after 9/11. As […]

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Obama To Announce Revolutionary New Energy Program….Biden To Wear Windmill!

August 16, 2012

President Obama has been crisscrossing the country touting his accomplishments in alternative energy while demagoguing Republican desires to increase domestic oil production and other forms of carbon based energy. In his current speeches he ridicules Republicans, for their stand on expanding oil drilling (“old energy”), shale recovery and “fracking” in lieu of new sources such […]

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Pimping For Obama…Harry Reid, Bill Burton and other great Americans

August 12, 2012

The awards this week must unquestionably go to Senator Harry Reid and Bill Burton, head of Super Pac Priorities USA, two courageous Americans who at significant personal risk supported our Pretender in Chief in achieving lows rarely seen in American politics. But why not, after all they are Obama people, and evidently love being lap […]

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