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TopTen Consequences of a Government Shutdown…..

Published on April 8, 2011 By J T

In spite of the predictions of my Fast Food Index, it appears that a Government  shut down will not be averted and the dreaded “calamity “ will be upon us by midnight tonight. Although this shut down will only impact non essential government agencies there are still some dire ramifications to be considered. This week […]

The Largest Monthly Federal Budget Deficit in History and The Cowboy Poetry Festival of Northern Nevada

Published on March 9, 2011 By J T

At first glance these two appear to be pretty unrelated so how did I happen to lump them together. Well, I was looking at the staggering $223 billion Federal budget deficit for the month of February of 2010 (greater by the way than the entire Federal deficit for the year 2007), trying to comprehend why […]