Barack Obama….3 D’s, one C and an F……..Grades you can believe in!

Anyone inspired yet? I’ve recently watched the President give endless speeches and press briefings and each one leaves me feeling worse than the next. Where is the “hope and change” this President was all about when he ran his “rock star” campaign? Well according to his latest comments, “change” wasn’t going to happen in a day or a week….not even in three years…perhaps later in this century.

we're all exceptional

Hugo...we're all exceptional!

We can certainly see why this President never believed in “American exceptionalism” and in fact made sure he took the term out of the Presidential vocabulary. It looks like he got his wish, we’re no longer the “shinning city on a hill” but in fact “perhaps the best moderately wealthy, non- landlocked nation in the Western Hemisphere”.  Somewhat akin to Venezuela or even Greece and Italy in Europe.

Exceptionalism requires exceptional leadership and one look at the white house these days reminds one of the Muppets show with the men behind the curtain, led by David Axelrod, David Plouffe and their minions. You see, this is no longer about what’s good for America it’s about how do we re-elect possibly the worst President in American history.


Change you can believe in..Yes we can!

Barack Obama has been in full campaign mode for months. And why not? It’s about the only thing he knows how to do. He can’t manage, he can’t lead and worst of all he has no “gut sense” (which regrettably only comes with experience). Has anyone heard of a single idea from this man on what we should be doing? You won’t because he has none.

What can you expect from a President who had absolutely no track record as an executive, no idea how the private sector really works, a Neville Chamberlain based approach to foreign policy and absolutely no ability to inspire anyone after three disastrous years of failed programs. Is this really surprising? This is a man who couldn’t even decide to vote “yes or no” but conveniently invented the term “present” and has been voting that way ever since.

So if we turn to the Muppets in the white house and play the alphabet song we can see the following:

cookie monster

D is for Default...that's good enough for me!


D is for Default, or

D is for Debt Ceiling, or

D is for Downgrade

C is for Crash as in the stock market, and

F is for Failure as in total.

Was all of this really necessary? Of course not. This was an intentionally fabricated crisis by the President’s brilliant team of advisors, to deflect attention from his total inability to control our astronomical debt and ever increasing spending. It goes somewhat like this:

You’ve lost the House so you can’t ram anything through anymore….. let’s use this situation to our advantage.

Let the Republicans put forth all of the ideas and budget proposals to solve our debt crisis. Inevitably they will need to address entitlement spending…then you pounce on them.

Create an atmosphere of class warfare and fear…..

Never, never put forth any of your own ideas because you may have to support an unfavorable position….and besides you don’t really have any more ideas. None of your programs have worked.

Use the debt ceiling debate to create fear of a default and then ask Americans to contact their elected representatives and admonish them for being intransigent.

Let’s see if we can get the folks at S&P to threaten a credit risk rating downgrade…after all they never downgraded the risk of derivatives during the housing crisis. Perhaps they feel guilty.

Present yourself as the great conciliator and compromiser trying to stay above the petty bickering of Congress. You don’t really have to lead, just act presidential and blame everyone else.

If it all goes well take the credit and if goes south blame the Tea Party!

While this is going on we’ll continue with our fundraising efforts. We’re on course to bank  $1 billion for your campaign. We’ll need every penny of it for negative ads since you have no record to run on.

How’s that working so far Mr. President? Unfortunately, the American people aren’t as stupid as David Axelrod would have you believe. You can fool them once, maybe twice but at this point they’re worried about their wallets and not paying much attention to your bungling attempts at leadership. You have managed to create a panic in the financial markets both at home and abroad…no mean feat.  S&P actually went ahead with the credit downgrade much to your chagrin.

But no worries, led by David Axelrod, Senator John Kerry, Howard Dean and the rest of your misguided progressive supporters, who are already all blaming the Tea Party,  it looks as if everything is going according to plan.

Obama mad-magazine-cover

What me worry?

So as you saunter back to Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood whistling:

“Sunny Day

Sweeping the clouds away

On my way to where the air is sweet

And a 2012 Republican defeat”

You can smile and think “What me worry?”

And that’s the way it is here:  “a little left of right”

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