It’s not a default Mr. President…it’s your fault!

In between watching the orgasmic eruptions from the liberal press regarding the Rupert Murdoch scandal last week, I managed to catch the President’s hastily called press conference on Friday afternoon and once again Monday  night. Lo and behold the man had totally morphed himself into a fiscal conservative !

Obama conf

I'm not sure why were in this spot. We're spending under $5 Billion a day

All of a sudden this President who has been on a spending spree unmatched in this nation’s history has become a born again budget balancer prepared to take on his own party and make unpopular but necessary budget cuts to entitlements.

Is this the same Barack Obama who in February presented a budget which increased the debt by $10 trillion over the next decade? A budget proposal so embarrassing and inadequate that it was voted down 97-0 in the Senate including every democrat.

Is this the same Barack Obama who in April sought a debt-ceiling increase with zero debt reduction attached?

No, this is the new and revised Barack Obama readying himself for the 2012 election. This is the Barack Obama of “Hope and Change” except now his mantra is “A Balanced Approach”.  This President who has ignored the rocketing national debt for 30 months and to this day still blames the prior administration for all of our problems, has inserted himself into the debt ceiling debate as the great compromiser and fiscal conservative.

Unfortunately the President still continues to “lead from behind” a policy no doubt  formulated by his great team of advisors;  David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and the ever articulate Robert Gibbs. The strategy is apparently to never put forth any ideas thereby limiting his risk of negative exposure but to relentlessly attack the ideas of others under the pretext of being a great conciliator.

It appears that in this case David Axelrod, the former adman, has miscalculated the time worn advertising strategy of “never underestimate the stupidity of the American public”.  So the clichés, the fear mongering and demagoguery are not working because the public, whose pocketbooks are empty, have begun to do the math.  Guess what?  The numbers don’t support your arguments Mr. President and neither do the polls!

Perhaps its time for the President to get out of the way. Congress seems to be negotiating just fine without him. Stop the daily speeches because they’re not working. “Hope and Change” are gone and if you want to lead then make some concrete proposals and follow some time tested approaches:

1. Give us a plan


First of all we need a plan!

Articulate a plan and put it down in writing so it can be viewed and discussed! A plan is one of the basic tenets of leadership. Stop telling us about what frameworks you’ve proposed in the past. No one knows what you’re talking about or has seen any proposals from you.  Just write down your approach and ideas and put them out there. Yes, regrettably this will expose you to opposition criticism. So what? Have the courage to follow your convictions no matter what the political outcome.

2. Be truthful for a change

Obama Pinocchio

I'm not sure those Social Security checks will go out!

You’ve created a crisis atmosphere by waiting for months to deal with this issue. Among other things, you know that there is absolutely no chance of a default and no chance of Social Security checks and Medicare/Medicaid not being paid!

The president knows that, according to Social Security’s annual report, there’s plenty of money in the so-called trust fund to make the August payments. And he knows the Treasury will take in at least $172 billion next month, more than enough to cover interest on the debt, Social Security, veterans, military personnel and plenty else. The only way those checks wouldn’t go out is if the president deliberately stopped them.

Quit parading Timothy Geithner around, he’s not doing you any good. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights and he’s certainly not very politically astute. His comments on the Sunday talk shows that any debt ceiling agreement had to get us past the 2012 election made no sense other than to protect you politically during next year’s campaign.

3. Ever hear of Prioritizing

It’s a very simple concept.  When we get overextended on credit and we have a certain amount of income we need to make the hard choices as to what gets paid and in what order. I usually break it down into Must Have, Good to Have and Nice to Have. Maybe its time to re-examine Nice to Have programs like the “train to nowhere” or those “shovel ready projects” that weren’t quite as shovel ready as we thought (enter big laugh from Presidential advisor and corporate stooge Jeffrey Immelt of GE).

California appears ready to spend $5.5 billion of stimulus funding building a 220-mph rail line from Corcoran–a town south of Fresno mainly known for the prison housing Charles Manson–to Borden–a ghost town north of Fresno. Considering that trains were not scheduled to stop in either Corcoran or Borden, this will truly be a train to nowhere.

4. Stop The Politics as Usual

You were supposed to be the transformational President who was going to change Washington. There are now more lobbyists in Washington than ever in the history of our nation, most working on your causes. You are in the third year of your Presidency and yet you continue to blame everyone but yourself for everything that’s wrong with the country.


I have never seen the country so bitterly divided and yet all of your actions continue to be unbelievably partisan. The announced withdrawal from Afghanistan (against the advice of all military commanders) was totally politically timed to make sure the surge troops were out before Election Day. Now, you’ve already stated that you will veto any debt ceiling deal that doesn’t go past 2012.  Can you get any more politically self serving than that?


Having watched the President for three years I am convinced that none of the above will happen. He is a political ideologue who will pander to every constituency based on whatever the latest polls tell him. He will continue with the imperious, sanctimonious, demagogic, self-righteous and arrogant speeches because that’s all that he knows how to do at this point.

So my advice to the President is:  Get out of the way, declare this whole thing as a Kinetic Economic Action gone bad and go play golf! Congress will figure it out.

And that’s the way it is here: “a little left of right”


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