NPR’s Vaunted Fund Raising Machine Reaches Out To A New And Unique Demographic.

With all of the furor regarding the defunding of The Corporation For Public Broadcasting and its NPR subsidiary one can only be delighted to learn, based on Fundraising Director Ronald Schiller, that NPR really needs no public funds. In fact they would be better off without them.

Bravo, Mr. Schiller! With the Federal Government facing insolvency, having just announced the largest monthly budget deficit in US history, congress is on the warpath to try and find budget savings and cut funds wherever they can.  Along comes Mr Schiller, with a novel and unique approach to raise contributions from heretofore untapped sources.

It appears that Mr. Schiller has identified an Islamic political group as a viable source of funds for NPR and recently attended a luncheon at Café Milano,  a chic Washington DC restaurant, with two representatives from the Muslim Education Action Center, ostensibly to discuss a $5 million contribution. The fact that the potential donors told him that they were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a “man made disaster”(sorry but according to Janet Napolitano it is no longer appropriate to use the term “terrorist”) organization seemed not to bother Mr. Schiller in the least.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Schiller, the meeting was a sting set up by conservative, James  O’Keefe, of ACORN fame, and the entire luncheon was surreptitiously recorded . When I first saw the clip, I thought I was watching an episode of SNL. The conversation was so over the top that it had to have been scripted. But the more I listened to the commentary, the more I realized what made Mr. Schiller such an effective fundraiser in this arena. His political views were exactly along the lines of what his potential contributors wanted to hear. Among some of the gems in the conversation:

Mr. Schiller chuckled broadly when his guests told him that NPR should be known as National Palestinian Radio

Schiller stated that Tea Party people are totally racist…..they believe in a sort of while middle-America..gun toting…pick up truck..they are seriously racist…racist people (I guess he left out that they also listen to bad Country music).

He also firmly noted that Jews own the major news outlets in this country with the exception of NPR and thus exercise an inordinate amount of influence in the media.

Regrettably,  as we now know, the resulting furor cut short a career that could have made Mr. Schiller a fundraising star. Imagine where he could have gone soliciting funds from Hezbollah, Hamas and other such groups affiliated with “man made disasters”.  I guess we’ll never know.

The affair has reverberated through NPR causing the resignation of its President and CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation to Ronald) following some strong denials about NPR’s culture and political leanings.  It is interesting to note that David Folkenflick, NPR’s media correspondent based in NYC, goes to great pains in his interview on “All Things Considered” to defend Mr. Schiller and never to identify the supposed donors by anything but the term an “Islamic political group”.

And what of Mr. Schiller?  He had to resign once again this time from the prestigious Aspen Institute which greeted him with open arms following his departure from NPR.  It seemed that in the job vetting process it was determined that Mr. Schiller’s views on Jews running most influential media would be at odds with the current leadership at Aspen institute composed of Sidney Harman and Michael Eisner among others.

But, no need to shed any tears for the newly jobless Mr. Schiller. We know of a great opportunity with an organization in the arts about to lose public funding;  “The Cowboy Poetry Festival of Northern Nevada”.  Contact Harry Reid immediately.

And that’s the way it is here  “a little left of right”


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