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Our latest check on the Progressive Movement shows Socialism in full bloom this week:


In Scandinavia it appears that a group of subway riders have decided that everyone should be entitled to free public transportation. The movement started by Petter Titland and called Planka is a cooperative formed by riders who refuse to buy subway tickets but rather pay monthly dues into a cooperative fund which then pays their fines if they are caught.

You see, the ridership in Scandinavia is based on an honor system with no turnstiles or tokens.  You simply buy a ticket and stroll on to the train with the assumption that you’ve paid your fare. There are periodic spot checks by conductors however, and if you’re caught the fines can be significant. The first offense gets you a $135 fine for not having a $4.50 ticket. The “Plankers” as they are called, will use the fund they created to pay the fines for any of their members who are caught.

Planka Logo

Getting a Free Ride

Planka Oslo made a public debut earlier this year, with members handing out balloons and fliers to startled subway passengers. The group plans to lower its dues as more people sign up.  Sort of reminds one of Obamacare .

I believe this is a wonderful idea for people to exercise their individual rights against an oppressive public transportation system.  I suggest we start a Planka New York with Charles Schumer in charge.  Can you imagine, millions of New Yorkers jumping the turnstiles every day. I love it!


Hugo Chavez Journalism Award

Our good friend and supplier of heating oil for the poor of New England, Hugo Chavez has been justly honored this week by being awarded a Journalism Prize from Argentina’s La Plata University for his contribution to “popular communications”.  Mr. Chavez, who has shut down every independent news and media outlet in Venezuela, said “long live free thought … down with hegemony,” while accepting the prize from the University’s Journalism Department.

hugo chavez journalism award

"Long live free thought"

When asked about this, John Dines, a professor at Columbia University’s School of Journalism in New York, said the controversy over the prize revealed differing ideas about press freedom in Latin America.

“For a journalism school to give Chavez a prize setting him up as a model seems to be a contradiction or it means the La Plata journalism school has adopted the view of communication viewed by Chavez:  that … state-controlled, direct communication is preferable to independent media and journalism as we know it.”  DUH!  Where is Media Matters when it matters?


Fox News Attack!

And speaking of Media Matters, it appears that Fox News has launched a vicious attack on our media watchdog led by the hated Glen Beck.  Media Matters, whose purpose is apparently to monitor every story, interview and guest on Fox News and expose them for the right wing bigots and tea baggers that they truly are,  is building its defenses against this unprecedented action. Instead of a 50 to 1 ratio of anti-Fox articles appearing on Media Matters, they are now moving to a 75 to 1 ratio.

Beck on Fox News

We lie so you can stay ignorant

Beck has apparently falsely suggested that Media Matters, the SEIU and other unions are anarchists and that in dealing with Media Matterswe are dealing with true evil Good God! Where is Hugo Chavez when we need him to shut someone down?


Bunga Bunga

Lawyers defending Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi have called liberal media darling George Clooney to testify in a trial in which the billionaire media mogul is charged with paying an underage woman for sexual relations and abusing his powers to cover up the alleged relationship.  Mr. Clooney and his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis are on a list of 78 people that Mr. Berlusconi’s defense has listed as potential witnesses in the trial along with soccer stars, showgirls and government ministers.

George Clooney

I know nothing about Bunga Bunga parties

Mr. Clooney seemed perplexed when informed about Berlusconi’s lawyers’ call Tuesday: “It seems odd, since I’ve only met Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur,” he told celebrity web site TMZ.

Christiane and Muammar

Just old friends

Also rumored to be on the witness list are Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Christiane Amanpour. The two apparently met during one of Mr. Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties and have been an item ever since.  It appears that during last month’s interview of Colonel Gaddafi by Ms. Amanpour, for ABC news, the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other and the interview was continually interrupted according to staffers on the scene.


Michael Moore’s New Film

Filmmaker Michael Moore who ripped President Obama over American military action in Libya has come up with an  eco-friendly, inexpensive and far less dangerous plan to impose a no-fly zone in Libya.

Mr. Moore suggests the launching of thousands of barrage balloons  “made in his likeness” over Libya. The balloons would not only eliminate aircraft from the skies but would also be a deterrent for forces on the ground.

Michael Moore

A pretty scary sight

In limited testing of this concept, it appears that some of Gaddafi’s hardened mercenary forces actually fainted in disbelief when looking up at the skies. The Libyan dictator himself has already told his inner circle that if he has to look at Michael Moore everyday he will seek immediate Political Asylum no matter who offers it.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Moore and a film crew are floating above the fracas,  filming his new documentary, “Centigrade Zero” How to wage a Kinetic Military Action without firing a shot. Not one to miss a bargain, Mayor Bloomberg of New York has already ordered a number of these balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

And that’s the way it is here: “a little left of right”


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