When is a war not a war?….when it’s a Kinetic Military Action!

What is the deal with all of these over the top politically correct phrases? Is stating that we’re at war too much of an embarrassment for the kinder and gentler Obama administration? Is the President of the United States so insecure that he is afraid to use the term for fear of political repercussions? What in the world does “Kinetic Military Action” even mean? It sounds like something captain Kirk would say from the deck of the Starship Enterprise.

Kinetic Military Action

Let's just call it a Kinetic Military Action!

We’ve already gone through this exercise with the “T” word. Two years ago Janet Napolitano, stated with a straight face, that the Department of Homeland Security would no longer use the term “terrorist acts” but instead refer to them as “man caused disasters.” Apparently we need to refer to those who want to blow us up in a manner that doesn’t offend them or cause any undue angst.

Anyone know what the following means? “I am herewith returning the stipulation to dismiss in the above entitled matter; the same being duly executed by me”. It is an example of bad legal writing from the Legalese Hall of Shame. Evidently, our Lawyer In Chief and his staff of hard working attorneys are busy modifying any word or phrase, that might not fit with his “citizen of the world” image, into appropriate legalese.

What’s next?  Is a cruise missile attack going to be called “an intentional but necessary drive by shooting”? Are we going to get rid of the word VICTORY because it might be offensive and call it instead “a temporary advantageous outcome over an adversary who we will treat with utmost respect and give them a chance to redeem themselves in the future”?

Let’s face facts, we are at WAR with Gaddafi! He thinks so, his supporters think so, the Libyan rebels think so, our military thinks so and the entire world thinks so. But our President believes we are engaged in a “short lived kinetic military action to support a limited humanitarian intervention”  Now is this the height legalese obfuscation or what?

I am anxiously awaiting the President’s talk to the nation tonight on the Libyan situation.  It will be interesting to see how he describes our involvement in Libya after a week-end of criticism.  I’m hopeful that it will be positive and that he will not continue to engage in verbal gymnastics to avoid calling a sustained bombing of a foreign country a war.

For now however, I will attempt to stay “politically correct” and use the phraseology currently in vogue.

I suppose many will now consider us: Kinetic Military Action-mongers.

Congress will now have to issue a: Declaration of Kinetic Military Action

Make Love not Kinetic Military Action

Poor Leo Tolstoy having his great work renamed:  Kinetic Military Action and Peace

And of course, our much heralded Global War on Terror is now a “Global  Kinetic Military Action against Man Caused Disasters”

And that’s the way it is here: “a little left of right”


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