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Libyan No Fly Zone….DEET, Fly Swatters and Tomahawk Missiles

March 21, 2011

Having learned form the egregious errors of the past the Obama Administration has demonstrated this past week-end how to launch a “politically correct” attack on a foreign country. This current exercise allows the United States to stay in the background and our coalition partners to take the lead, with the U.S. intending to hand over […]

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Iodine Pills, Cipro………and Toilet Paper?

March 19, 2011

Iodine Pills, Cipro….and Toilet Paper? What is it about the American penchant for being overly prepared for any contingency? I think most would agree the continental United States is probably one of the safest places to be on earth, yet at the first sign of any emergency Americans tend to go into overdrive in their […]

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Social Security and Bernie Madoff…….

March 17, 2011

Not long ago I ran into my good friend and mentor Cranston Tucker who had recently decided to retire after a long and distinguished career in marketing. He proudly showed me his first Social Security check which he considered another life milestone.  As I looked at it he sheepishly said “it’s not exactly going to […]

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